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Going to Disney

February 8, 2014

This morning we surprised our kids told them about our upcoming Disney World Vacation.  I made a paper chain with links to represent each day as a visual countdown.  As you can tell we are still like 80ish days away.  Jay got the suitcases out and put a Mickey and Minnie balloon and stuffed animal in each of them.  Then in Max's we put in the sign for the start of the paper chain that says "Days until Disney."  The kids opened the suitcases and the balloons popped out.  Max then read the sign and looked at the chain.  They were kind of dumbfounded and speechless.  It was totally not the reaction I was expecting.  Jay said, "We are going to Disney World this spring!  Aren't you excited?"  Max replied with a big grin and "We are?"  Unfortunately, that was it.  No screaming, no jumping, just sweet grins and giggles.  I know they are excited and it will increase as the chain disappears.

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