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December Moments

Max was the first to get his Epic Ski Pass for the Vail Resorts.  We are looking forward to that trip to Colorado in January.

MaryKate got the honor of opening the Disney store while we were shopping with Grandma and Shannon during the holidays.  She wore Mickey's robe and sorcerer's hat while saying the magic word to open the store.  It was a sweet moment to watch her interact and perform the ritual.  

Max and I got matching hats for the ski trip.  He is such a love in my life!!  I can't get enough of that sweet boy and his snuggles.  

MaryKate and Knox her first real crush!  We have heard so much about her "boyfriend Knox" and their days together at school.  I am not sure I'm ready for all this boy crazy life of hers, but I guess I have to be.  Knox is a sweet little cutie and they love to play together whenever they can.

Jace Man came to visit and had fun with the presents and lights on the tree.  He reminds me so of my baby Max.  Sweet days. 

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