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Rockettes with the Girls

December 15, 2014

I have always wanted to go see the Rockettes, but never have gotten around to it while they are in town for their Christmas show.  When I found out that this was their last year here I just knew I had to go and take MaryKate.  Well, Jay and Max were not thrilled about the idea so I decided to turn it into a girls' night.  I talked to my sister in law Josie and she also really wanted to go.  So I made the leap and bought the tickets.  I also called my niece, Kayla, and invited her to go along with us.  We had the best night out with just us girls.  I took them to the Aquarium for dinner and they loved checking out all the fish.  Then we walked across to the Grand Ole Opry to see the show.  We were all so excited as we found our seats and waited for it to begin.  I was in awe of the precision and beauty of the tapping lovelies.  It was incredible to watch them perform and see the hard work they put into the show.  We each had our own favorite parts, but enjoyed every minute of it.  I am so glad I got to spend to evening with some of my favorite gals!

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