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2.2.22 Celebrated

February 21, 2009

Tonight we celebrated by grandfather's 87th birthday. His birthday was really on February 2nd, but due to illness we were not able to get together until now. We decided to arrive early and feed the local ducks at the docks. Well, it was raining and as you can see, Jay was the only one feeding the ducks. Max was not interested because Jay tossed some bread at his feet and all the ducks flocked to him . . . scaring him . . . smart one, Jay.
So Max stood with a grip on Unk Jon's hand trying to keep the ducks away. Before we left home, I told Max that Unk Jon was going to dinner with us. He returned with his fireman hat. He explained that he has to wear it to keep his head from getting wet in the rain.
After a great dinner of steaks, we all sang Bull "Happy Birthday," and enjoyed some cake.

We hope to enjoy many more birthdays with our Bull and Nanny!!

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