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Awesome A

February 10, 2009

Well, that's it . . . . the A. Yes, I think I am going to spell his name in pictures of things significant to his life or maybe not so significant. But, I do know that the componets of the A mean a lot to Max. Most of these cars, trucks, "trailers", and trains go everywhere with us. I don't think we make a trip our of the house without having to take at least one.


Mom of Jack said...

Love it, I can't wait to see all three hung up. Am I sensing a trip to hobby lobby in our future?

Jess said...

Ha! You know me to well. There is definately a trip to Hobby Lobby in our future. How big should I get them printed? I got another x yesterday while I was at Shannon and Mike's. I'll post it after I photo shop it.

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