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Feeding the Ducks

September 15, 2009

Tuesday before swim practice we once again visited the park to feed the ducks. We enjoy going to feed them on a regular basis. Max got brave this week and decided to let them eat from his hand. Whoops! He won't do that again for a long time! As he held out the long piece of crust for one of the geese . . . it hissed and them took the bread and tried to take his whole finger. It snapped him all the way to the knuckle on his pointer finger. He screamed and shook he was so upset. Jay and I being the great sympathetic parents we are . . could not stop laughing. Max finally started laughing and was okay with the whole thing.

PS: We have to practice for another week on the deep end. Max didn't do enough correct strokes this week to get his certificate. Maybe next week . . .

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