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September 10, 2009

Max had swimming on Tuesday and did a fantastic job. He is captured in the video preparing for his big deep end test next week. If he does his breathing, kicking, and strokes correctly he will get a certificate and a "I can swim in the deep end" t-shirt. Everyone needs one of those!

Tonight we had a lot of discussion about locations, cities, states, etc. It all started because he wanted to go see the Titans play tonight. He doesn't understand that they don't always play on the "big field" in Nashville. As you can imagine this has to be totally confusing to a 3-year old back seat driver. Jay commented that we needed to get a globe. Well, what do you know, I had one growing up (what a nerd), so we buzzed over to BeBe's and picked it up. It is great because it lights up. Max is looking forward to putting it in his room tonight. We used some post it note flags to mark some significant places. Can you tell where they are? He's got some special people way out there on the globe for such a little guy. Love you all, you significant place people!

PS: I am being held accountable for belly shots, so as I promised last night, I will get a 20 week pic up sometime this weekend . . . so lots more belly to come. Don't complain though when you get the added bonus of more butt, more cheeks, more nose, etc!!

Music changes . . . my hubby may never post, but he is constantly on the blog checking things out. He is responsible for all our music. I like the new changes. Listen through though to number two. Jay has been struck by reality this week . . . he is going to have a daughter . . . those of you who know Jay can only imagine how it is affecting his thinking. It is awesome and so touching to see his mind wrapping around the idea of being a great GIRL father. I love him so much . . . what a big catch I made at such a young age. Lucky me! He is wonderful with Max and I can't wait to see him with our little girl.

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