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Labor Day Weekend

September 7, 2009

We had a great long weekend these past few days. Max and I spent Saturday morning in the kitchen baking. We made Heath bar Cake, BeBe's Chocolate Dessert, and Banana Bread (or pie as Max called it). By the end of our adventure he could run the mixer "all by myself." He did a great job and even enjoyed washing the dishes. Saturday afternoon we got to visit with Jay's uncles and their families at the Kelley's house. They came in to see everyone with the long weekend. It was wonderful to catch up with their families. It is unbelievable how big all their boys have grown.
Sunday after church we picnic-ed at the fountains with McDonald's. Then Max played his heart out in the water. Jay showed his how to put his newest McDonald toy on the water spout to be thrown up into the air by the water pressure. He thought that was really cool. After fun in the sun, Max fell asleep before we got on the bypass and then we all got a good nap at home. Later in the evening, BeBe and Big Daddy came over for a fabulous pork tenderloin dinner with scrumptious desserts. They both tried for a long time to feel Mary Kate move. Nothing we did would get her going. But you know it, before they got out of our neighborhood she was kicking to beat the band! Sorry BeBe and Big Daddy, maybe next time. Monday afternoon Grandma and PawPaw took us to purchase Mary Kate's bedding. They wanted to get that as a gift for her. It is really cute and just girlie enough. I can't wait to get Jay in gear this week to get the spare bed out and paint purchased. I will upload pictures once the project begins. We spent Monday evening at the Slusher's for Fantasy Football Draft. I am not sure what Jay is getting into, but I had a good time chatting with the gals. Max did a good job playing with all the little girls. Sarah Grace was on his heels most of the evening mimicking his every move. They were all really cute. We had a good restful weekend with lots of important family time.

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