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Pool Weather

May 25, 2010
Max has been asking to swim ever since it got above freezing this spring. Each day that is was just warm enough to not wear a coat he would ask to get out his pool. So, Tuesday was the day! Jay and Max pulled the pool to the deck on Monday night and the first thing out of his mouth Tuesday morning was "Can we swim in my pool?" He got the scrub brush and helped me clean the winter grime out of it and we filled it to the brim. Mary Kate sat in the shade of the umbrella in her Bumbo and I worked on flower pots. Whew! It was fabulous. Mary Kate practiced using her hands to play with the suction cup toy on her tray, I dug in the dirt, and Max hosed everything down with water. We were all three in heaven! Thanks kid-os!Sunday afternoon we spent time at the Kelley's house chill-laxing in their pool. Max is such a little fish! Mary Kate had a great first experience in the pool. She was happy as long as no one was splashing her. Pawpaw held her for a long time dangling her feet in and letting her kick the water. It is going to be a great summer!!!

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