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Christmas Morning at Home

December 25, 2011
Christmas Morning at our House

We were again blessed with another wonderful Christmas at our house.  We each received far more than we need or deserve.  Max's big Santa items this year were a Figit Friend that interacts with him and  his commands, Hot Wheels wall tracks, and a repaired iTouch.  Max dropped and broke his iTouch in the fall.  His elf Milo must have witnessed it and took it to the Workshop elves.  They fixed it and Santa redelivered it with a note to be more careful.  Mary Kate was thrilled with a baby crib, Cabbage Patch doll, and all the accessories.  She loves the crib so much that she crawls in to hold her babies.  So much fun!  I love to see their little faces and they open gifts.  It takes us all morning because they each want the items out of the boxes and put together for playing before they move on to the next present.  Christmas is a lot of work to prepare, but so worth it as we enjoy all the family time.

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