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Mary Kate's likes

Mary Kate is really growing and becoming a little toddler.  She loves to read books and snuggle just like Max.  Although Max snuggles with me and Mary Kate loves her Daddy's lap.  She has learned many of her animals and giggles as she imitates their sounds.  I think her favorites are cow "moo moo", "meooooow", pig and then she tries to snort, duck with no quack just an "uck uck", "rooaaarr" for a bear or tiger, and several others.  She has also discovered Molly's house.  While playing she ventures into it and pretends it is her little house.  Some days she will even try to shut the door.  When we find her camped out in it she will just laugh and point at Molly.  Molly is usually standing nearby with a confused look on her face.  Another success has been Mary Kate's potty training.  She is in panties 100% of the time now and has been since fall.  It took us a little while to get her babysitter on board and to trust us, but now she does and panties it is!  Wowzers so much growing and learning.  We have even entered the land of pigtails and ponytails.  I find her many days in her room trying to get down bows and put them in her hair.  She is such a little girl!  It is amazing to see how different she is from Max at this age.  So many adventures!!

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