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mKate Starts to Swim

January 13, 2012
Mary Kate has started her swim classes at the local swim club.  She was so proud to put on her warm belly and parade around the house.  She was even thrilled to be going swimming.  She loves spending the summer at Pawpaw's pool.  However, she did not like the lessons we did in class.  It was not very long into the class until we were submerging them underwater.  Poor girl could live without that!  She screamed bloody murder each time I placed her on the edge and pulled her in with me.  I felt bad, but unfair to her, I have been through the screaming baby class with Max.  I know we will all survive and soon she will love class.  She will love swimming laps just like her brother does now.  So sad second child, but we will keep going, and you will be okay. 

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