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Ears Pierced

December 27, 2011
During the holidays we noticed how much Mary Kate paid attention to earrings.  Anyone that held her also noticed because she liked to touch and check them out.  She especially liked Bebe's HoHo (mKate's name for Santa this year) earrings.  After pointing them out she would then motion to her ears as if to say "umm where's mine?"  Jay has been wanting to pierce her ears since the fall, but I couldn't let go yet.  After her new interest in jewelery this winter I gave in to the idea.  So after Christmas we headed to the store and she got some tiny crystal earrings put it.  She handled it very well.  They girls in the store both did it at the same time so she would only feel the pain once.  She cried two tears and buried her head in Jay's chest for just a minute.  Then she wanted the mirror to see her new style.  She quickly grinned with the tears still on her cheeks and was over the shock.  I snapped some pictures while we were in the store.  Then the next day I got some good ones while she was proudly showing them off.  Such a big girl!!

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