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Easter at the Kelley's

April 8, 2012
After brunch at my parents' house we headed over to Jay's parents' house for more Easter extravaganza.  The kids were ready to hunt eggs for one last time.  Mary Kate got a head start and slowing started moving around her corner of the yard.  She continued to inspect each egg's contents as she placed them in the basket.  Max raced around the yard like a big kid picking up as many as he could find.  The kids all got lots of candy and more quarters.  Jacob got to show off his ups as he leaped to retrieve a egg from a high branch.  We closed the night with an Easter dinner of lots of yummies.

  Max had a great Easter this year as he is really starting to understand its meaning.  He has been blessed with fabulous Sunday morning and Wednesday night teachers.  They are all filling his head with biblical truths and lessons.  This year had been especially wonderful because his new knowledge had opened many questions and discussions about what we believe.  He loves to read his Story Bible with us and learn about the different events and how they pertain to us now.  It is so fascinating to see him connect his life with God.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for his spiritual life.  I really think it is getting ready to start blossoming.

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