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Air Show

May 12, 2012
Mother's Day was this past weekend ans I requested a repeat of last year with the air show. The Blue Angels were on the schedule for the show this year.   It is tons of fun to go watch and the kids have a blast.  I like to watch the respect Max gains for the military anytime we do something like this.  Mary Kate loves to wave at everyone that flies overhead.  Jay got us tickets and then it was predicted to rain all weekend.  We originally planned to go early and spend the day there on Sunday, but the weather changed that.  Since Saturday had less percentage chance of rain (30 compared to 70) we went onto the show on Saturday.  We were not able to go as early as planned due to t-ball, but t-ball was worth us being tardy.  Again this year, Max climbed in all the planes and discussed his future plans with the military.  Mary Kate enjoyed sitting in all the planes.  She repeated "whoaa" and "cooolll" all day long.  Jay and the kids took me out to eat after the show and then we did some shopping.  Even with the rain showers it was a terrific day.  Of course I love any day that I get to spend with the four of us. 

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