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Preschool Graduation

May 8, 2012
Tonight was a milestone for us.  Max had his Preschool Graduation.  He has attended this pre K program for 2yrs.  Due to his summer birthday he got to experience both the pre K classes. It was sad to see it come to an end.  He has had his personal struggles of learning to be away from us and his Momma Nora, but he had grown tremendously.  He now loves school and all the friends he has made.  We are very excited that most of them will be going to the same elementary school next year.  It is neat that they have had this early start together.  Now off to enjoy the summer with Grandma and Bebe until Kindergarten starts later in the summer! 

Parker, Max, Alex, and Mac

Andrew, Will, Kennedy, and Talan

Avery, Drew, Hannah, Maddie, and Haden

Max wants to be an "army man" when he grows up

Max, Ms Teresa, and Ms Angela

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