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Our Vegas Getaway

April 12-14, 2012
Jay had a meeting this month in Las Vegas and for the first time since kid-os I decided to tag along.  It was a wonderful few days away.  I got to kick back, sleep late, read my book without interuption, watch adult TV (like The Today's Show, whoa), eat out fancy, and just be us.  Don't get me wrong, by our last day I was wanting to snuggle my babies, but I did enjoy time with just Jay.  We
planned this trip to Vegas to be laid back.  Last time we went we crammed everything in that was possible.  This time we left it all open for opportunity.  We did lots of walking and looking, some shopping, quite a bit of eating, and a night out to the Blue Man Group Show.  We also spent time taking photos of the characters with new stuffed M&Ms.  Each time we got a new photo, we sent it back to our M&Ms.  They were thrilled with the photos and the anticpation of their new stuffed M&Ms visiting Vegas.  What a great trip!  Thank you, honey, I can't wait until the next one!  

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