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Christmas Arts and Crafts

December 8, 2012
Saturday we had an impromptu arts and crafts day for Christmas.  Several of us wanted to do some hand print crafts to save the memory of our kids' small hands.  We decided to get together and help each other manage kiddos and get it done.  We had lots of fun and made a big ole mess.  At one point we had eight kids wanting to stick their hands in all at once.  It was complete madness at moments, but totally worth it.  I absolutely love getting messy with the kids.  We all ended up with some great projects for keepsakes and gifts.  We really missed our sickly friends and their babes, but we aired on the side of precaution and not sharing germs here at Christmas time.  We plan to have a spring day of crafts for Easter, hopefully everyone can attend.



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