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Grinch Day

December 13, 2012
Max's class celebrated "Grinch Day" this week.  The week consisted of various snacks, the story, and helping the Grinch's heart grow.  The kids helped his heart grow by doing random acts of kindness for one another.  Max got to place a heart on the Grinch for helping another student.  He was super excited when I picked him up that day.  The day they watched the cartoon the kids were suppose to wear green like the Grinch.  Since his dog is named "Max" we decided that Max needed to go in costume at the dog.  I worked hard on making him a hat with the reindeer antler and then we added a tail, a collar with name tag, and a string of lights.  He looked good by the time Jay and I were done with him.   I kind of think that we were more excited than he was about the outfit.  Oh well!

Of course, since we were taking pictures of Max, Mary Kate had to get in some too.

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