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Days with Bebe & Big Daddy

This year my parents planned several Christmas events with Max and Mary Kate in mind.  They took them on their annual Polar Express Train Ride.  They both love taking this trip with Bebe and Big Daddy.  Once Thanksgiving gets here Max starts asking about the train ride.  He reminds Big Daddy every year about buying tickets.  After the ride, Max and Mary Kate talk about it for several days.  Mary Kate is excited that "new baby Charlotte" will get to go with her next year.  

Another night during the Christmas season they went on an adventure to look at lights.  Bebe and Big Daddy took them to a lights display downtown that is synchronized to music.  Max was really pumped after this night.  He talked and talked about how the lights went with the music and how many "hundreds" of lights were in the park.  At the end of the trail of lights there was a tent full of kiddie activities.  Of course, Max and Mary Kate got to play and ride everything.  Mary Kate told me all about the train and Max was thrilled over the "spider jump" with bungee cords.  

I am so thankful to have parents that love spending time with my kids.  Max and Mary Kate think the world of them and I believe my parents feel the same way.  I love seeing them giggle and laugh together.  I know real well how special grandparents can be when they are in your everyday lives.  I am so blessed to have had those in my life and even more blessed that my kids are getting to experience that kind of love as well.

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