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Parsons 3-9 & 3-10 Birthdays

March 8, 2009

Tonight we celebrated Big Daddy's and my birthday at my parent's house. Mom fixed a feast of mashed potatoes with cheese, green beans, mac n cheese (by Jay), corn on the cob, grilled bbq pork chops (by Dad), cornbread & rolls, and of course fruit tea! It was so gooood. Then we topped it all off with a homemade cake by Mom. (Those are really rare these days, but we love it when we get one!) JP & Holly and Jon & Josie both got to make it home for the big event. Max taught them how he rides the back driveway hill on his big wheel and how to kick the soccer ball. It was a wonderful night of family time. I love it when we get to all be together. When I say all I mean it, we now collectively have 5 dogs when we are all home. Thanks for a spectacular evening.

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