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60th Birthday Party

March 23, 2009

Today was Mr. Chris's (aka Jay's dad, Pawpaw) 60th Birthday. We celebrated in many ways. Jay and I contacted many friends and family last week to let them in on the festivities. We asked that they each send birthday cards to him in the mail. We hoped he would top out at 60 cards. We came close with 53. It was hilarous to listen to him as they all started flood his mailbox late in the week. Then he made us sit and open them one at a time to enjoy them as a family. Happy 60th! Sunday night, Max, Jay, and I made a sign to wish him Happy Birthday. We took it to Bellsouth, I mean AT&T, and hung it on the fence where he parks. Little did we know that he had taken the week off. Whoops! Lee and Mrs. Kelley figured out a way to get him up there to enjoy it. Finally we finished the day with dinner at our house. I made his favorite . . . Pork Tenderloin with all the fixins and a homemade cake that Max sprinkled. We all had lots of fun due to Pawpaw's old age. Thanks!

Jess and Max after hanging the sign
Happy Birthday to You!
Kayla and Tristan loving on each other!

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