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Sick Days

March 19, 2009

My buttercups are blooming!! My favorite flower!!Whew! It has been a long week in this house. Monday evening my sore throat all of a sudden spiked a fever. Uh-Oh! Yea. Then during the night I got to a point of thinking I was going to die every time I swallowed. When I crawled out of bed Tuesday morning and took a look . . . whoa . . . I could not see the back of my throat due to the HUGE swollen hangie ball (or uvula) and my tonsils. I was shivering from a fever and practically in tears. I drug myself into the shower so that when the doctor's office opened at 8 o'clock I would be ready. When they opened they couldn't see me until 1pm. So I got back in bed and that is where Jay found me when he came home at lunch. Where was Max? Oh, he was here . . .somewhere. I vaguely remember he telling me that him and Kix were eating slices of cheese for breakfast and that he wanted me to feel better. That's about it! I know, I know, Mom of the Year, right here. At that point, Jay decided that he was staying home the rest of the day to take care of everyone. He took me to the doctor . . . which was horrible . . . they swabbed my throat . . . I know it is protocol, but I am dying here from pain and you want to rub on it with a cotton swab. After that torture I laid on the table in the office crying like a baby wishing I was in labor instead of this killer throat thing called ---->STREP! I got liquid antibiotics because I couldn't swallow pills and liquid codeine for pain. Jay then took us to Sonic for "snow cones" as Max calls them. Jay knows the way to my heart is definitely my mouth! I whimpered with each swallow, but the ice kind of felt good. We then got home and I passed out for like a 36 hr period. I spoke with friends and family checking on me . . . but . . . well, I hope I was appropriate. . . .if not, I am sorry. Now it is Thursday afternoon and I have had my first real meal . . .yea Wendy's #1 without grimacing with each swallow. I think I am going to live. Here are some pics I snagged of little man last night. He has started sneaking into our room after we put him to bed. We are in the living room watching TV and usually don't know it until we go to bed a few hrs later. We caught him last night so I clicked a few pics. He makes me smile even at my worst!

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