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Girl Weekend

March 29, 2009

This weekend I joined in on a girls' weekend to Ohio. Jay's cousin is getting married in April and we were invited to a Bridal Brunch this past Saturday. Jay's mom, Sister, our niece, Kayla, and I headed out on Friday for a weekend away. I was not excited about going because it was my first time away from Max, but I survived and had a good time. Although, I was definitely ready to come home Sunday to hold my boys. While there we did some good shopping, eating, and visiting. Kayla spent the weekend attached to my hip. We dried her hair and curled it like mine, painted our nails, wore make up, and ditched the frilly socks that Grandma and Shannon had picked out for her to wear (it is not 1988, anymore). Jay's cousin took time to hang out with us. I don't think I had ever met his cousin so it was nice to get to know her. She is a few yrs younger than us, but she is an RN also and just finished up her NP licensing. So we had alot in common to talk about. I look forward to heading back that way for the wedding . . .this time with my guys! Life just isn't right without them.

While I was gone, it was reported that Max had a terrific day at swimming. He got to use flippers for the first time and they enabled him to swim all the way across the pool. Jay and Max were so excited when they called to tell me. He loved it and felt very accomplished. He did so well, that he was allowed to move up to the next class when the new session starts in May. Yea!! It is a big boy class of 3 yr olds and Mommy and Daddy won't have to ( I mean be able to) get in the pool with him. Big Yea!!

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