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Afternoon Birthday Fun

March 10, 2009

Max and Jay took me to "feed the ducks" this afternoon as part of our birthday celebrating. We had lots of fun. We took Max to "feed the ducks" last summer and he is now afraid of the ducks. Last year I thought it would be cool to let one of the geese eat from my hand and that got Max all upset. He hasn't feed them himself since that day. He enjoys watching us feed them. Today Jay had the seaguls (or creek-guls, I guess when you are at Drakes Creek) swooping in and catching the bread in midair. That was neat - o. Lots of bread later, we headed over to the Kid's Kingdom to play. Max had a really good time and got really tired. He didn't even get upset when it was time to go. I had a wonderful birthday with all my family and friends but especially with my two boys. They really treat me like a Queen. I think that they must have sang "Happy Birthday Mommy" 3 dozen times today. Thank you! I love you LOTS!

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