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Jack's FIRST Birthday

April 20, 2009
Jack's first birthday party was loads of fun. Max gave him a Lightning McQueen ride on that Jack went nut-so over. He loved pushing the buttons and dancing. Watch him dance to his singing card in the video below.

Max found a new friend in Laney. They ran and giggled during the party. They even got to help open the gifts because Jack was too interested in the crowd watching him.Abby and Nick couldn't get him to get messy with his cake. He just looked and licked and smiled that gorgeous smile. He is such a fun little ONE year old! Thanks for letting us enjoy your party with you!


Mom of Jack said...

That is so sweet! I can't believe you blogged this before I did, Bad Mommy!

Jonathan said...

the LU story...funny you should mention it. i read a story in the fairbanks newspaper today about that dude. did you actually read the book?? great pics!

jonerikagrant said...

p.s. that comment was from me :)

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