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Tornados in the 'Boro

April 10, 2009

Murfreesboro, TN was hit by tornadoes on Friday. It just so happens that Max and I had gone to the 'Boro for the day to spend time with Josh and Jon. Holly, Josie, and I had planned a girls' day and max was suppose to spend the day with the boys. Well, the storms rolled in while we were at Jon and Josie's new house. We had no radio, no tv, and obviously no Doppler radar. We just thought it was storming until all our phones started going off from people at home. Mom called, Jay called, Gindy called, Dad called, and so on and so on. Then we started to get a little panic-y. Jon turned on his Fire Radio and they were going nuts. We stood on the back deck and watched the clouds of the tornado pass over the house just before they touched down just a few miles north of their house. It was a little scary, although Max thought the hail was really cool and he ran around the deck eating it. We are very lucky that both of their homes were fine because many people lost loved ones and everything they own.

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