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Play Dates

April 8, 2009

This morning Jack and Abby came over to play outside in the wonderful weather. Max and Jack had lots of fun running in the yard. Max tried to get Jack to play soccer with him. Jack thought is was fun to pick up the balls and carry them. Jack also experienced the sand box and all its filth. Abby handled it very well. Jack tossed some sand on Max, so being the 2 year old he is, Max scooped a shovel full and threw it on Jack. "Momma, he throwed sand on me." Abby handled that well too. To be the watchful mommy that she is, everyone still had a fun day in the sun. It is funny because Max talks to Jack like Jack understands and can follow his directions. They chitter chatter back and forth about whatever they are playing with at the moment. Here are some pics of them playing on the swing set. It looks like it is going to be a summer full of fun moments with the two of them.
After playing with Jack, Max took a really good nap while I read the latest J.Patterson on the deck. Then Gindy and Sadie came over for our second play date of the day. We pulled out the wagon and went on a fabulous walk around the neighborhood. It was beautiful this afternoon. Max showed Gindy all the turtles in the pond. He really enjoys playing with Sadie May even though she is still a little bigger than him. Kix was even hospitable to Sadie today. Thanks for a great day with friends!

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