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Swimming Day 12

April 4, 2009

Wow!! Jay and Max didn't go in to enough detail last weekend about how awesome Max is swimming. Jay told me today that he knew I was upset about missing and didn't want to make it worse. He is so sweet!! But .. . WHOA! Max can swim for real . . . "all by myself." Check out these videos from this morning. The first is him floating on his back independently (yes, Big Daddy he can float on his back). The second is when he was jumping from the side and swimming across the pool to Jay (He told his teacher today that he was gonna teach his Pawpaw how to jump in and swim when it is warmer in his big pool). The third is Max swimming back to the wall. I am so excited for him. Also, he got his flippers today and he is very proud of those. You can see those in the videos too. Enjoy my little fish!

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