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Bee Swarm

April 28, 2009On Tuesday afternoon we were outside in our front yard when he experienced a strange event. While getting max in the stroller to go running, a large swarm of bees began flying into our yard. They were going nuts buzzing all over the place. The mowers had been around that afternoon so we just figured that they stirred them up. We left on our run thinking they would continue on their mission. When we returned we found they had attached themselves to our tree. The top picture shows the hundreds of them caked onto each other. Our neighbor gave us the name and number to a local bee keeper that turns out we knew pretty well. He said he would be right over to get the bees. Within the hour Wayne and his son Blake showed up with all their gear. It was a real site to see as they prepared for the capture. Blake held the hive box under the mound of bees and Wayne scooped them into the box. NO STINGS! Amazing! They placed the box under the tree and said they would return at dark to pick up the box with all the bees. Wayne explained that the Queen is always in the middle of the pack. When he scooped them he hoped to get her and place her in the box. Then all the worker bees move to find her and cover her again, hence all the bees going in the box. Neat-o. All the bees left with Wayne their new adoptive father who will give them a happy home. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

EEEEWWWW!!! I don't like bees! I'm so glad you found someone to take them away for you - I never would have thought to call a bee keeper!

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