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Soccer Saturday

March 20, 2010

Saturday Max had his first soccer game. He was pumped, but got a little stage freight when it was time to play. He started the game strong, but after his first goal he got nervous. As you see below he had a real crowd. Jay's family, my family, and the Miller family all turned out for the game and cheered really loud when he scored. We think that is what sent him over the edge. After he noticed the cheering section he wanted Jay to play with him or to just sit in Jay's lap. He ended the game with two goals and a blank face. We talked about playing and he was upset that he thought his team lost because he wouldn't play. He said he has to play by himself and "do better" next week so they can win. He is really concerned about his team losing due to him. Poor little guy, he is just too little to stress about that! He is growing up on me. You can see him in the picture squatting on the field when he got all bent out of shape. On Sunday I helped host Gindy's first big baby shower. Kerrigan is already so loved, she got more goodies than she will ever need. Friends and family poured out to bring her gifts. Gindy is doing good and getting down to single digits with weeks to go. We can't wait until Kerrigan is here! Speaking of babies arriving, Amanda and Clay's Sawyer is only 4 weeks away from her expected arrival date. Amanda says she is doing good, but keeping herself too busy. I've got to convince her to slow down. Do you hear me, slow down!! So many baby girls to play with this summer, it's gonna be too fun.

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