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Our #14

March 3, 2010

Today is a day to celebrate . . . what significance does the third of March have for us? Today is the day that Jay and I started "going out" (hahaha) as little freshmen in high school in 1996. We were together in the fall of 1995, but decided to avoid gift exchange at Christmas and just break up and be friends. (hahaha silly kids) Then in the spring under the pressure of many friends we decide to make "us" official again. Whoa! I am glad we did, because we haven't wavered since then. We have been through high school, college apart, Titans, Liberty football, nursing school, living 8 hrs from home, starting careers, moving beck to TN, and now the birth of 2 wonderful children. We were the best of friends then and continue that today. Jay is my rock, he is my balance, he is my confidant, the best father I could of ever wished for my children, and the greatest man I could ever share my life with. I love our past and can't wait to see what God holds for us in the future. I thank God everyday for you and our countless blessings. I thank you today for 14 (good ole number 14) fabulous years. I love you, baby!Sophomore Basketball Homecoming: 1997

Senior Cotillion: Winter 1999

Titans vs Cowboys: Christmas Day 2000

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