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Kayla's Prayer Request

March 17, 2010
Copied and Pasted from my Email this morning:
Hello All,

Jay and I would like everyone to keep our niece in their prayers today. Last night she, Kayla (who will be 7 in April), had an accident involving a knife. Apparently, she was attempting to cut a ribbon off a stuffed animal and she stabbed her eye with the knife. I don't know all the details, but from the best I can understand she lacerated her cornea causing it to leak. Jay's sister and brother in law took her to Sumner Regional, but she was then taken to Vanderbilt Children's via ambulance where an eye specialist was waiting. We have her little brother who is 4 here at home with us. They called during the night to tell us that she would go to surgery this morning. They called again at 6:15am to let us know that she just headed to the OR. Please remember her in your prayers today. She is our family princess due to being the only girl until ours this winter, and she cannot stand the sight or thought of blood.

Update: Thanks for all your prayers. Our niece is out of surgery and everything went well. They stitched the cornea and patched it. She is on the way home now and will return tomorrow for a doctor's appt to evaluate damage. They couldn't tell a lot today during surgery due to swelling and trauma to the area. That will all be looked at tomorrow. They expect for her vision to be okay because they didn't see any damage to the lens. The doctor did say that she will probably have cataracts that will have to be removed. Again, thanks for your prayers and love.
Jay and I took the Max and Tristan to get eye patches before Kayla got home. Now they match her and she doesn't feel different! We also got her a new stuffed horse and added a patch to his eye. She affectionately named him "Patches" when she was awake.

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