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Babies, Babies, Babies

May 6, 2010

Recently our lives have been blessed by many new babies. All the babies we have been waiting to arrive are finally getting here. Below is a snapshot of our newest cutie, Miss Kerrigan Layne Woodward. She arrived just last week with a gorgeous head full of hair. We now almost have an entire cheerleading squad.Check Spelling
Bundles of Joy:
Camryn Clifton - December 2009
Mary Kate Kelley - January 22, 2010
Grant Gillespie - February 2010
John Thomas Freeman - February 19, 2010
Sawyer Leigh Cooper - April 19, 2010
Charlotte Reece Hibbard - April 19, 2010
Harper Smith - May 4, 2010
Kerrigan Layne Woodward - May 4, 2010
and we are still anticipating the arrival of little Peyton Slusher real soon! We also have several more 'buns in the oven' that are expected to make their debuts later in the year.

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