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Soccer Trophy

May 22, 2010
We enjoyed Max's last spring soccer game this morning. He ended the season with a game of 6 goals today. He is a scoring machine! Following the game he received a trophy for the season. Then Bebe payed him up for his goals. Remember he is bribed to play and score! He has loved soccer this season and looks forward to playing again. We had a real scare after the trophy ceremony when Max went missing. Yes, today was my day to lose my child. SCAAARRYYYY! He was gone for . . well , I am not sure, but it felt like an eternity. Max followed our dear friends the Millers to their car without telling anyone. The Millers then brought him up to the concession stand in their car to find us. During that amount of time, we had everyone at the fields looking for the "little boy in an orange jersey and spiked blonde hair." He basically just disappeared. They were in the process of locking down the park and not letting cars leave when Max pulled up with the Millers. It was hitting the pure panic level. We had circled all the fields, the bathrooms, the creek, the crowd for trophies, the upper fields, and were headed to the parking lots. People I didn't even know where looking for the "spiked blonde hair in an orange jersey". Yea, it was my kid. When Jay got him out of the Miller's Jeep he couldn't even spank him because he was so relieved. Not a highlight of my parenting career this far, but I guess everyone experiences it at some point. Glad mine is over and hope not to revisit those feelings! EVER EVER AGAIN!

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