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Too Many Goals

May 8, 2010

Max had a wonderful game of soccer today. It didn't start like that though. Jay and Max had a total melt down before the game. For some reason Max warms up well and has fun until it is time for the game to start. Then . . . . as you can see from his face . . . . he didn't want to play. Jay gave him a really stern talk and shoved him onto the field. He slumped around on the field with the above face and a very loud cry. After coming to get a kiss from me and then the ball being kicked near he took off. The rest of the game was . . . wonderful. He score not 1, not 2, not 3 . . . but 6 GOALS! He was completely enjoying himself, laughing, high five-ing, and running like a crazy person toward the goal. After his 5th goal the referee asked him to share the ball and not score anymore. Another teammate passed him the ball near the goal and he accidentally scored a 6th goal. He looked up in shock and told the referee that he was sorry. TOO CUTE! He did so good. We cannot understand why he freaks at the beginning of the game, but it all ended great, So? I guess we will just go with the flow!

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