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Spring Program

May 12, 2011
Tonight was Max's program at school.  It was graduation night for all those kids leaving preschool and going to kindergarten next year.  Max is starting school a year late due to his late birthday so in his words "I'm not graduating, Mom."  I am sure the teachers have had fun explaining this to the classes.  About 1/2 of them graduated and the rest will return next year.  To confuse them more,  everyone returned to school on Friday even those that graduated.  Max was happy to hear they would all be at school again on Friday.  Kids are so funny.  Sometimes we take for granted what they understand and what they don't.  Max did a great job in the program and sang his songs really loud.  He was tickled to see his Uncle Josh and Jon surprise him at the program.  A lady sitting behind us asked me if  "that was my brotherr?" pointing to Josh. I laughed and said "yes, and he has a twin that will be here in a minute, why?"  She said, "Wow!  That is a grown up Max!"  I always hear how much he looks like my brothers, but this was an original way to word it.  Yes, he is much younger version of Josh and Jon.  Check out the picture below.  Love him!!

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