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Annual Hunt

April 23, 2011
Today has been packed out with picture day, t-ball game, Jack's party, and finally tonight our annual egg hunt.  Every year our cul-de-sac has a flashlight Easter egg hunt  on the night before Easter.  Through out the year we have lots of cul-de-sac parties with birthdays and holidays, but tonight's is one of my favorites.  I love watching all the kids (young adult to baby) searching the back yards with flashlights.  It is pretty neat to watch the lights and listen to the laughter and they all find dozens of eggs.  I wish I knew the total how many we hide.  I know this year, Jay and I contributed about 120 eggs, so just think times multiple families . . . that is a LOT of eggs.  Max collected so many they were coming out of his basket and he had to start putting them into a plastic bag as a second basket.  Mary Kate loved all the chocolate in the eggs.  We finally had to take them away because her face was covered and she was hyper from the sugar rush.  Thanks Johnsons for hosting again this year, we had a blast!

The little guys get a head start, so Max sprints to find as many as he can before the big kids start.

Mary Kate was checking out Max's basket full

She loved finding the eggs once she realized candy was inside

Max used his headlamp so he would be hands free for picking up eggs.

Hyped up on chocolate!

Counting the finds

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