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Easter Sunday

April 24, 2011
Easter is finally here!  It seems like we have been celebrating for over a week now . . . oh, we have . .  That's ok, it a great reason to have lots of family time. This year Jay and I have gotten lots of opportunities to talk to Max about the significance of Easter.  He has asked many good questions about Jesus' death, why He died, and why He came back.  It has made for some very interesting conversations.  I guess he is getting to that age of reason, having real lessons in Sunday School, and the fact that he is attending a Church based Pre-School now.  I love his innocence in his questions and his comments to our answers.  Wow!  A fulfilling part of parenting!  I love it.  Sometimes I get bogged down in the everyday life of parenting an almost 5 year old . . . the scolding, time-outs, spankings, "No", "No", "Maaax", "Leave her alone" . . . but  sharing with him Christ's love has been awesome this Easter.  I can't wait to watch him grow and inquire more about our beliefs and make life decisions for himself.  Thank you God for this blessing! 

After our morning at church, we went to my parents house for dinner and more egg hunting.  This is the first year Josh and Jon have both been off shift in several years.  We all got to spend time together!  Yay!  Max and mKate got yet another basket filled with goodies.  They were both excited about the carrot ball popper that you had to try to catch the ball in.  After lunch, we all went out for the annual egg hunt.  Big Daddy's eggs are different from everyone else's . . . . the are filled with cash!  The rules are the same every year:  You must use a basket, Pick up 12 eggs, and no peaking on the value of the contents until you have 12.  One year we have some cheating of peakers throwing back the $1 eggs and continuing to search for the higher dollar eggs.  Again this year the in-laws got the most money.  Jay and Josie both racked up while Jon and I both got all one dollar bills.  Max loved getting the money and he even found some $5 and a $10 egg.  To her delight, Mary Kate's eggs were filled with chocolate.  It is great that we have never outgrown the egg hunt at Bebe and Big Daddy's house. Check the video below of all us big kids and our baskets.  Too funny!

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