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Dyeing Eggs

April 22, 2011

Tonight Jay and I planned an evening of coloring Easter eggs.  We boiled several eggs and got the kids ready to dye them.  Jay was very careful in covering the table with paper and mixing all the colors.  Max picked several colors to add glitter and then got the other decorations ready.  He hasn't had much experierence with hard boiled eggs, so the first one he grabbed he tried to bounce it like a ball.  Splat!  He quickly learned that just because they are called "hard" doesn't mean they aren't breakable.  With seven left the drop in the colors we got started.  Mary Kate was in the middle of it (as always).  We had lots of close calls as she grapped the cups of color to stick her little hand into them.  After letting the eggs get good and dark with color, Max scooped them each out and placed them in the drying rack.  It was a success!  We got lots of brillantly colored eggs covered in glitter.  We let them dry for a few minutes.  Then while Jay cleaned up, Max and I glued on the pretty decorations.  It was a family night of fun!  Next year I think we might get the kits that let you draw on the eggs.  Max will love that and Mary Kate will be big enough to handle the crayons.

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