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Great American Airshow

May 8, 2011
We spent Mother's Day at the Great American Airshow this year.  It was lots of fun, but VERY HOT!  We had spent the previous night after the wedding at Jon and Josie's house.  Josh, Jon, and Holly had to work, but Josie was off and decided to go with us for the day.  Lee, Jonathan Beaty, Hunter, and Harrison came and met us at the show.  Then a little later in the day Amanda, Chance, Logan and Tabitha, Brad, Rileigh, and Brison also came up to the show.  It was nice to sit back and relax with everyone while we sweated our tails off.  The kids (and adults) got to check out the planes, sit in the cockpits, and tour the insides of them during the day.  The show started about 11:30 and lasted until about 4:15. They had a huge variety of planes: old and new, fast and slow, smoke trails, group performances, wing walkers, parachuters, and dare devil stunts.  We have been to a similar show before, but it is always a blast to see the tricks and feel the roar as they buzz by the crowd.  This year's main attraction was the Army Thunderbirds.  It is a group of six F-16 fighter jets that put on a whole performance of tricks, loops, dives, and low fly overs.  They come over so fast that they are long gone before the sound of the engines get to the crowd.  Pretty Cool!  Max, Hunter, and Harrison thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the planes fly in close.  Mary Kate never acknowledged the planes exsisted.  She never looked up or cried at all the loud engines.  She was too busy being a busy body on the blanket and watching all the people.  Logan didn't seen to be bothered with the noises either.  Amanda lovingly packed his ears with earplugs and then sat under the umbrella in the shad with him.  At the end of the day Josie said it best, "That was really cool, we have to bring Uncle Jon to it next year!"  That's right mark your calendars, next year it is the Navy's Blue Angels!  See ya there.
mKate and Uncle EEE

Pilot Max

The sun was hot are difficult to look at!  Harrison, Lee, Hunter, and Jonathan Beaty

Little Logan never made a peep

Aunt Josie borrowed Max's sunglasses for the day and the wagon for a chair

Naptime . . . no matter where we are or how loud it is

Thunderbirds taking off

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