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N.A.P.S. Christmas

December 20, 2011
Max's PreK class had a Chrismas Program on Tuesday night.  In combination with the preschool classes they put on a perfomance of singing and screaming.  The teachers even got to have roles as different stars.  The kids laughed as they watched their teachers on the stage.  Each age group did a great job and looked beautiful in their Christmas outfits.

 December 21, 2011
Wednesday morning Max's class had its Christmas Party.  They enjoyed lots of good food and sweets.  They played a game with their presents and music.  Each of them were excited about their gifts to take home.  They finished up the party with a game of musical chairs.  I was impressed with how competitive these four and five year olds got during the game.  The girls were all pumped when Hannah won.  They ran to her screaming and gave her hugs.  Too funny!  I love spending time with this kidos.

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