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Surprise Zoo Day

March 14, 2012
Today Jay called from work and told me to get the kids ready.  He was leaving for lunch and we were going to the zoo for the day.  What a surprise!  Of course Max was full of questions about where we were going and what we were doing.  We told him nothing and that is was a surprise.  He was thrilled when he realized we were in the parking lot of the zoo.  The weather was perfect with lots of sunshine.  The animals were all out in good visible places.  Mary Kate loved seeing all the animals that are in her books.  We spent a long time in the bird exhibit.  It was awesome to feed them and have them landing all over you.  They even landed on the kids for some nectar in their cups.  What an experience!  We went ahead and purchased a season pass.  Now the kids and I can go on days I am off work.  Yay!

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