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Valentine's Day

February 14, 2012
Valentine's Day was lots of fun this year.  We awoke to valentines made by each other on the table.  The kids and Jay and made mine and I had made each of them one too.  It was totally unplanned, but I guess Jay and I were on the same wavelength.  It was cute to see the kids surprised by each other's artwork.  Max got some new flippers for his swim class and Mary Kate got new earrings.  After family time together Jay headed to work and we went to Max's class party.  They had numerous different snacks and treats to munch on and then passed out Valentine cards.  After school Max exchanged Valentines with his sweetheart, Kirkland.  They were both so embarrassed to swap gifts.  It will make for a great story later in their lives.

Andrew, Avery, Hayden, Joesph, and Drew
Mac and Max

Will and Izzy

Max and Kirkland

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