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2 Year Check Up

Mary Kate went for her 2 year check up and she was great.  She isn't very fond of strangers so she hung to me when the pediatrician came in the room.  After a little warming up she was ready to talk to her.  The pediatrician was again impressed that she was in panties at only 2.  She was blown away at our 18 month visit when Sis was in panties.  She said we are very lucky to have had 2 kids that potty trained before the age of two.  I know we are very blessed.  She said that Mary Kate's verbal skills are coming along and that she is right where she needs to be at her age.  She reminded me that Max talked alot and very early and not to compare our second child to that standard.  She has a very vocal big brother that does most of her talking, but the talking she does is normal for her age.  I was thankful for this reminder.  She weighed 25 3/4 lbs and was 33 inches tall.  She ranks 30 % in weight and 50% in height.  She did not enjoy her shots and her brother had to leave the room.  He doesn't like for her to hurt and cry.  After out doctor's visit we all went to the park to feed the ducks.  Mary Kate calls them her "uck ucks" and loves throwing the bread to them.  After Max was bitten last year he isn't crazy about feeding them anymore.  It takes 1/2 the loaf for him to warm up to the ducks.  Thank you God for my blessings!

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