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Circus Time

January 28, 2012

After Mary Kate's party we rushed home for nap time because we had special night planned.   Circus Time!!  I love the circus and it thrills me to take the kid-os.  We have been unable to attend the last two years due to Mary Kate.  She was born the weekend of the circus in 2010 and last year she had the flu.  We were very excited to be returning this year. Max has been twice but argued that he had never been.  I guess he doesn't remember his 1 and 2 year old trips to the circus.  This year Abby and Jack went with us.  Jack also brought his friend Trevor from school.  The kids were talking non stop all the way downtown.  I love to hear their enthusiasm about the clowns and animals.  Mary Kate just giggled and pretended to understand.  Once at the arena we took off to the floor for meet and greet time.  The kids got to see some of the animals and clowns face to face.  It was very crowded and hectic, but that is what it is all about, right?  Of course the night wouldn't be compete without our various trips for popcorn, funnel cakes, and cotton candy.  I took about a dozen Capri Suns in my bag and I think they drank every single one.  Who would have known that we ate Chick Fil A on the way to the circus??  LOL.   Max loved the clowns with the giant wheeled bike.  He had decided that Big Daddy needs to build one for his house.  Mary Kate was very concerned about all the acts in the air.  Every time someone was up high she would yell "Don't Fall!"  with both hands in the air.  Precious. What great memories. I love getting to enjoy all this again.  Until next year . . . 

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