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Pink Eye . . . ahhhh!

Wowzers!  What a week this was in the Kelley household.  We all came down with a case of viral pink eye.  Viral in the sense that nothing helps it!  It has to run its course.  I know I am a nurse and I know I know this about a virus, but I don't like it.  No matter what drops, antibiotics, or remedies we tried we all still hurt and suffered.  The best I can figure out is that Mary Kate brought home a mild version the week before.  She had an irritated eye that I put some over the counter drops in for a few days and it cleared up.  I never considered taking her to the doctor and I just kept sending her to the sitter.  Mother of the Year, right here!  Then we I got the "mild version" I was incapacitated for a week.  Jay, Max, and I all missed an entire week of school and work.  We sat with cool washcloths on our faces with the curtains shut to keep it dark.  Jay's symptoms came on first and he went to the clinic to see the NP.  She gave him some drops with enough "refills" to treat Max and me.  Well, after convincing Max to let us put them in he yelled, kicked, screamed as we wrestled them into his eyes.  The entire time telling him he was ridiculous and that eye drops were no that bad.  Ha.  Never again will I do that again without testing it on my myself.  When it came to my turn I cried, gritted my teeth, and probably said some nasty things.  I have never put in eye drops that burnt like the fire in those drops.  Did I mention I ha Mother of the Year.  Max ran a fever later in the week and even had some GI issues with it.  At that point I decided we were headed to the doctor since the fire drops were not improving our state.  My appt was in the morning and my MD gave me some antibiotics and new drops.  After lunch I took Max to the pediatrician and said we have a viral pink eye and that it could take 14 days to get over it.  She said my antibiotics were not going to do anything and I walked away with no script for Max.  Drugs for me kid, none for you.  Great day, couldn't she have just given me a placebo so that I felt like I was doing something for him?  Well, the pediatrician was right.  My meds didn't do anything and it took us about a week and a half to fully recover.  I think it took my eyes about a month before my vision was restored back to my normal.  What a week.  I will never disrespect pink eye again.  I will always give it my full attention and not belittle it's situation.

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