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Mary Kate's 3rd Birthday

January 19, 2013
Saturday we celebrated Mary Kate's third birthday with most of our family and friends.  It was hosted at a local church that has an indoor jungle gym play area and party room.  The kids ran, climbed, jumped, and played to their hearts content.  Then we moved to the party room for cake and ice cream.  Mary Kate had chosen a Dora the Explorer theme for her party so we carried that over to the cake too.  After her cake, we opened presents.  She got lots of neat Dora stuff, an RV, a play tent, leotard, and lots of other fun gifts.  Then the attendants painted the kids faces, made balloon animals, and gave out fresh cotton candy.  She had lots of fun and enjoyed being with all her friends.  Thanks to everyone who made this day special for our "Dora Kate!"

Mary Kate and Sawyer

Callie Beth and Carson

Max and Tristan

Sawyer and Micah

Sully and Logan

Trace, Callie Beth, Kayla, and Ashton

Ami and Bella

Sawyer and Mary Kate

Mary Kate, Kerrigan, and Sawyer

The Party Crew

Mary Kate and Kayla

Brotherly Love

Cake and Ice Cream

Lily, Alicia, Bella, and Grant

Yum yum Logan

Popsey!  I got an RV like you!

Kirland getting her face painted
Ella the kitty cat

Kerrigan the puppy dog

Christa with Coleton tasting cotton candy for the first time

Kerrigan and her Aunt Lori

Christa being attacked by the boys and their swords


Enjoying some cotton candy with Big Daddy

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