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January 10, 2013
Thursday Max and Mary Kate started back to swim class at Sea Star.  This is Mary Kate's first season to be in the pool without Mommy or Daddy.  She is participating in a big girl's beginner class.  This is Max's fifth season and he still loves it.  They were both so excited on the way that Jay and I couldn't carry on a conversation because they were so loud in the back seat.  It was really cute as they made plans for class, giggled, and Max instructed Mary Kate on what to do in class.  He has been working with her for the past few weeks in the tub.  He is trying to teach her how to "blow bubbles our of her nose."  He has also gotten their goggles out of our summer bag and had been coaxing her to go under with her eyes open.  I pray that he is always so attentive and loving with her.  I know I am a bit partial to him, but he is one of the best big brothers a girl could have.  He even let Mary Kate wear his lizard eye goggles when we could not find a purple pair for her.  From the photo below, you can see how funny she looked in them. 
Mary Kate kicking with Ms Beverly

Mary Kate had a death grip with the arm rail on the platform

Max glides through the water on his back

Max is learning a new trick of diving through a hoop

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