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Our Niece has Arrived

January 17, 2013
On Thursday, Mom's birthday, Josh called me at 12:15 as I was clocking out for lunch.  He has the news we were waiting for, "We're having a baby today."  I was ecstatic!!  I immediately went and found my supervisor and told her that I had to leave work.  She was understanding and gracious and let me leave to attend the birth.  I called Max's teacher to let them know that I was on the way to get him. When she got off the phone with me she looked at Max and told him "Max, we're having a baby today."  She told me that he beamed with excitement.  After picking up Max, I went and got Mary Kate and Jay.  We ran by the house to change clothes and by 1:20 we were on our way to the hospital.  We got there around 2:00 and she was still dilated to a six, but really starting to hurt.  We visited for a few minutes and then took our crew to the waiting room to wait and wait. I'm not use to being in the waiting room so it was a total new experience for me. For my family,  I have always been the one having the baby or the big surgery.  Max and Mary Kate were very patient and well behaved during the wait.  We ate snacks, played on the iPad, played beyblades and babies, and talked about the arrival of Charlotte.  Finally we got word that she was here.  She arrived at 5:23 pm and Holly was able to do it all on her own.  She wanted desperately to have a natural labor and was successful in her plan.  After what seemed like forever, we were able to see her in nursery window.   Then we decided to go grab some dinner and come back for a visit.  After dinner we headed back to their hospital room and waited for Charlotte to return from the nursery.  Upon arrival to the room Holly got her and nursed her.  Mom and baby seemed to do really well.  Holly loved having her snuggled up against her.  Since it was after 10:00pm at this point we decided to head home for the night.  The kids were really sad that they didn't get to hold her so I let Max stay home from school the next day.  We got up early and went back for another visit.  Max and Mary Kate were so excited to see their baby cousin again.  They both patiently waited for their turn to hold her.  When the moment arrived, you could see them both just beaming.  They loved snuggling her, touching her cheeks, rocking her, singing with her, and holding her tiny hands.  It was fabulous to witness as a Mom how attached they immediately became to her.  They were sad to leave again later in the day, but understood that we had to get back home.  We had Mary Kate's birthday party the next morning to prepare for that night.  I am thankful that God has given our family another baby.  Babies are such special gifts from heaven and bless a family in so many ways.  I look forward to watching my kids grow up with her.  I pray that God looks over Holly and Josh as they learn the role of parents.  It can be a challenging one that sometimes doesn't go as planned, but the rewards of raising a child definitely out weighs the rough moments.  We are so blessed to have this bundle of pink, sparkles, and grace in our family.  We love you Charlotte Anne Parsons!
6 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches
Max checking out his new cousin
Logan and Mary Kate touching Charlotte's wild hair
Precious little ones

The new family

Yay!  We finally get to snuggle her.

M & M were thrilled

Proud Big Cousin

Sweet kisses

Mary Kate took some of her necklaces to share with Charlotte

They just can't get enough of her

Max's turn to hold her

He wanted to be big and hold her while he rocked and sang


My niece

Daddy Josh and Baby Girl
Charlotte Anne Parsons

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